Excavation Contractors

Whiterock Ventures offer a variety of earth work services. However, it is the service of excavating contractors that they specialize in. Based in Edmonton we are known for our quality services.

Contrary to popular belief, these excavation contractors do more than just haul earth from one place to another. Their job also includes preparation of sites, trenching, grading and operation of heavy equipment among other things.

Contacting the contractor
Homeowner or the business owner can easily contact the excavation contractors for their project. However, they are not the sole guardian of the project they only over look a part of the project. They are most of the times work with the general contractor who oversee the entire project.

Preparation of sites
It is first on the to-do list of the contractors. Before starting the project, the surveying crew checks out the place before the contactor shows up at the site to remove the necessary amount of soil for the foundation to be deep enough to provide stability. Before removing the soil, the quality of the soil is checked to ensure that it provides stable foundation to the building. Since precision is required to dig it is essential for the contractor to match the level provided by the surveying crew. After the foundation has been dug out, the excavator contractor fills up the surrounding area of the foundation this is done after the foundation contractor has put up the footers and the stem walls.

Moving dirt
When it comes down to moving dirt excavation contractor are the go to people. They can build or excavate land for different projects depending upon the resources they have. They can dig ponds, build roads and sewers, and excavate land for ditches, water lines, gas pipelines among other things. With the skillful use of their equipments they can even build damns and drainage system in agricultural lands. With their versatile skills they can be used for different projects and not just limited to city projects.

Heavy equipments and operations
Most of the excavation equipments are expensive and have to be handled accordingly. The smaller tools can be used for smaller projects. Most of our contractors have multitudes of equipments that help them in speedy delivery of projects. We own large bulldozers, front-end loaders, trenchers, skid steers, among other equipments. Depending upon different projects we have different machines to handle them.

With Whiterock Ventures, you will get the best deals with other services thrown in. We provide end to end services making sure that we don’t leave our clients hanging high and dry. Our aim is to provide the best experience to our clients that not only fulfills their expectations and dreams about their projects but surpasses them. With Whiterock Venture you can be assured of the best services especially when it comes down to excavating contractors.


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