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Whiterock Ventures based in Edmonton provide variety of services to the people living there. We have a rather extensive department that takes care of all the excavation needs without damaging the environment in the process. Backed by years of experience and variety of tools we are fully equipped to handle any kind of work. For us at Whiterock Venture no work is big or small, we deal with different kinds of projects.We provide different trenching survives for different projects and we also have customized trenching services for few projects depending on the requirements of our clients.Here is a list of things that make us the best in what we do-

  • Reputation- We have painstakingly built up our reputation in Edmonton because of the quality of the services that we provide. When you are looking for the reputation of the company the price doesn’t matter, it is the reviews of the customers that are the deciding factor. We understand that for any trenching company’s reputation is important for the people to get an idea about the kind of service they can expect.
  • Efficiency- The experience decides the efficiency of the service. With repeated work we are able to deal with every possible situation that may hamper the project and deliver it in the best possible way. We know the usual issues that any trenching company faces and do our best not to give any reason for complaint. Since we have the experience we are efficient enough to tell you as to which projects require permit instead of learning it the hard way. When dealing with the expert in the trenching business you pay them for their experience and their skills and not paying them to learn the job on your time and effort.
  • Machinery- We use the most advanced machinery to deliver the project on time with the kind of quality that the client expects from us. For different jobs specialized trenching machines are required and we make sure that we carry the right ones before coming at the job.
  • Cost- We know that the cost of service is always a sensitive subject and that is why we make sure that you only pay for the services that you use. We do not bill you for hidden charges. Though you may want your project to costs as little as possible, it is important to make sure that all your requirements are taken care of and that is why our team sits with you and makes sure that we get the costing covered in the best possible way before starting the project.

We are one of the best trenching companies in Edmonton. This has been made possible only due to our focus on providing end to end services to our clients that not just fulfills but surpasses their expectations.


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