2004r Performance Transmission

2004r Performance Transmission

A 2004r performance transmission takes your GM car to the next level without a major overhaul. These transmissions are less expensive than the 700R and nearly the same in terms of performance. Gearstar offers a high-quality 2004R transmission with the power that most competitors need.

What are high performance 200-4R transmissions?

The high performance 2004R transmission is an upgrade for most Chevy and Ford vehicles. These transmissions mix fuel economy with performance for classic and modern cars and trucks.

The 2004R is the perfect upgrade for your TH350. While the 700R takes the spotlight, not everyone needs to wrangle the power this product can withstand. These transmissions take up to 725 horsepower with ease and an equally large amount of torque.

What can I expect from a 200-4R transmission?

We make your 2004R from the best material possible. High quality steel, carbon fiber components, high capacity parts, and smooth gear transitions are the hallmark of this transmission.

The GM 2004R transmission includes:

  • Fuel economy brought on by overdrive
  • Faster gear changes than the TH350 and TH400
  • A quality 300M shaft
  • .500 boost value
  • A fully rollerized and stress relieved gear train
  • Simple installation

These transmissions are an all-around upgrade for your super car. Overdrive allows your engine to work at slower speeds, saving on fuel in an era where gas prices are no longer under two dollars per gallon.

What speeds does a 200-4R transmission come in?

The 200-4R come in two, three, and four levels. Each automatic transmission level takes on an additional gear. Automatic transmissions can take larger amounts of horsepower than manual transmission.

A three-speed part still deals with 450 horsepower. These parts are made from the highest quality materials.

Is the 200-4R electronic?

This transmission is analog. There are less parts to break. Analog components often perform as well as their electronic peers.

Analog parts are cheaper while offering comparable performance. This transmission replaces an older three-speed Powerglide or Turbo Hydromatic with ease. You can easily swap and upgrade your classic or modern supercar.

How often do I need to replace or swap my transmission?

You need to replace a transmission every 150000 to 200000 miles or seven years. Parts wear out. We try our best to keep our parts from breaking in critical situations.

A thorough inspection and best-in-class warranty back every product. Gearstar offers peace of mind to back our quality parts. There is no need to break down in the middle of a race.

200-4R performance transmission installation

When you are ready to swap or overhaul your transmission, Gearstar is read to help. Contact your trusted GM or Ford transmission installation specialist and request 2004R performance transmission installation. We inspect every part to make sure it holds to our high-quality standards, getting you ready for race day and everything in between.

We are confident enough to back our products by a best-in-the-industry warranty. Get ready to compete with a high-performance transmission. Contact us today at (330) 434-5216 to get started.

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2004r Performance Transmission 2004r Performance Transmission


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