contact subzero repair in Calabasas

contact subzero repair in Calabasas

Purchasing a fridge is a complicated endeavor because you want to make sure you get into it when they buy a fridge and can tell whether they got a good brand. Unfortunately, many people come to terms with the fact that they did not get the best one and have to live with severe issues like overheating, smells, and fast wear and tear.

Few things complicate a living situation, like the fridge breaking down, and the most logical decision is to hire a technician who can repair it, so you do not have to replace it. We understand the struggle of finding a good Sub Zero repair company and have sampled a few things that make us a favorite choice in the industry.

Reasons to consider us for Contact Subzero repair in Calabasas

  • The solid reputation of making sure our clients get everything they need.
  • Professionalism to keep our word and piece together all the pieces with utmost detailing
  • Deep know-how with years of experience, multiple certifications, accreditations, and references
  • Most importantly, we do not play games regarding our quality of work and will be straightforward about what you can expect, instead of taking your money by creating or missing problems.

Signs you need Sub Zero refrigeration repair


Something that has a design to stay cool is problematic when it starts to do the complete opposite. Feeling a mild amount of heat is expected because of the inner workings, but it should not be so hot that you cannot place a hand on it or store your food and items for the average amount of time. Contact our technician if you notice an abnormal amount of heating emitting from the fridge, and we will look at everything to make sure it does not happen again.

Blizzard freezer

The freezer should be the coldest part of the fridge, but it should not run too cold to develop ice. We recommend getting us to look at it because chances are there is a problematic frosting process. Most freezers that form ice will also have running water when you turn them off, which is more of a problem than anticipated.

Puddles of water in your home pose a risk for accidents and could trigger issues like mold and floor cracks. A leaky fridge results from many things, and it is better to get a professional who will cancel out all the possibilities for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

Bad food

The only purpose of owning a fridge is to keep the food fresh for longer, and bad food is a sure sign that things are not working well. Foods that spoil fast, like fruits and meats, will be the first signs that the fridge is on its way to extinction.


Most fridges will have a humming sound, and older ones will even have louder buzzing. It is wise to call our team if the noise is rather too loud or runs for too long.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch when you notice any of the above issues or more, and we will arrange a convenient process for you to get your fridge back up and running as new. Call (818) 308-3117 for immediate responses.

contact subzero repair in Calabasas
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contact subzero repair in Calabasas contact subzero repair in Calabasas


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