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Long Island Dog Trainers

Long Island Dog Trainers

Your furry friend should bring you joy, a sense of pride, and companionship. However, when your dog continually exhibits behavioral issues or disobeys, dealing with them can be a source of constant stress for you and your pet. Ensuring your dog gets proper training is your responsibility. It is recommended for your pet's welfare, and also for your peace of mind. No matter its temperament, age, or breed, every dog can benefit immensely from a little instruction.

At Wallys World, we’re Long Island dog trainers who provide top-notch dog training for all dog breeds. Our team consists of certified and experienced dog trainers who have worked with dogs for over 20 years. We know that any dog can be trained, and we work to ensure a healthier relationship with your dog using the principles of positive training.

Factors to Consider When Hiring A Dog Trainer

Here are essential factors to consider when picking a trainer for your pet:

  1. Certifications

Dog training is not something anyone can do; you require extensive training to become a dog trainer. When you visit the trainer, it is therefore vital to ask about their certification. If the trainer is reluctant to show you the documents or talk about their training, it’s best to keep searching. Ideally, find a dog trainer with an animal behavior degree. That way, your dog will get the best from the training.

  1. Dog Training Methods

There are various dog training methods used today, including positive reinforcement, clicker training, relationship-based training, and many others. Before you hand over your pet, ask the trainer to explain their training method. If they cannot do that, it would not be advisable to enlist their services. A person who has gone through on-job training has a better understanding of the latest methods and approaches in dog training. 

  1. Reviews

It is crucial to find out what former clients are saying about the trainer you’re considering hiring. Check out reviews and talk to the people in your neighborhood who have used the trainer. If most people were dissatisfied with their services, you should consider going to a different trainer. A trainer who has great reviews is highly likely to provide what your dog needs, and you’ll not be disappointed.

  1. Cost

It’s essential to ask about how much the training is going to cost. Enquire about the number of sessions in the program and calculate the total cost so that the bill doesn’t come as a surprise. You can visit different facilities to compare the prices to ensure you pick a facility within your budget.

Best Training for Your Furry Friend

At Wallys World, we work with different dog breeds and take them through obedience training, service dog training, housebreaking, and many other individualized programs. Our trainers are compassionate and kind, so you can rest assured that your beloved dog will be in good hands. If you’re searching for the best Long Island dog trainers, we’ve got you covered. Call us today on (631) 729-1664.

Long Island Dog Trainers
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Long Island Dog Trainers Long Island Dog Trainers


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