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Tow Truck Anthem

Tow Truck Anthem Ever been stuck in a rut, literally? Don’t cause more problems by forcing your car to back-up. Contact a tow truck Anthem immediately. For fast tow truck service, call T&S Towing. We have been in the business for years and offer reliable and affordable service. You can reach us through our emergency line at (602) 434-3801.  

If your car suddenly conks out on you in the middle of the road, don’t panic. The best thing to do is to park as far away from the main road as possible, preferably on the emergency shoulder. Before you call a tow truck Anthem to pick up your car, you might also consider doing the following:
Turn on your hazard lights. This way, other motorists can see even from a distance that there is a stalled vehicle on the road. This is especially helpful if you are on quieter roads.
Wear a reflective jacket. You’ll most likely want to step out of your vehicle and check your engine. Make sure that other motorists will be able to see you. 
Use warning triangles or cones. Only do this if your vehicle is on the road. But don’t put any signs if you are on a soft shoulder as it may confuse other motorists.
For a reliable tow truck Anthem, contact T&S Towing. Our company is capable of handling small to large jobs and we offer vehicle recovery. We are licensed and insured plus we can accept both emergency and non-emergency jobs. For emergencies, you may contact T&S Towing at (602) 434-3801. For other services, you can get a free quote from us by filling up our online form. You can learn more about our services by browsing our website.

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Tow Truck Anthem Tow Truck Anthem


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